Why You Should Publish Your Patent In A PatentBook

Benefits for Patent Owners (Publishers)

PatentBooks offers a low cost/low risk means for Patent Owners to become Publishers and derive new revenue from unlicensed product suppliers. Publishers retain all rights to their patents. There is no cost to list or remove patents to or from a PatentBook. By listing their patents in a PatentBook, Publishers realize the following benefits:

Add your patent to a PatentBook today (no cost to add!)


PatentBooks allows Publishers to list all patents related to the creation of a product, including design, methods, and processes. Patents are included even if they are not “essential” or if they enable one of the multiple technical solutions to a standard.

Better patents are better rewarded

The validated TAEUSworks™ rating within a PatentBook allows Publishers to be compensated according to the quality and quantity of their listed patents.


PatentBooks provide Publishers a list of non-Subscribers, which allows a Publisher the option to approach non-Subscribers to encourage licensing.

Business flexibility

Publishers will not need to abrogate existing bilateral licensees to participate in PatentBooks and derive additional licensing revenue.

Access to small manufacturers

The cost to license or litigate is so high that many patent owners focus only on the largest product suppliers. PatentBooks, due to the scope and volume of its patents, appeals to all types of products. In addition to making broad IP compliance easier, PatentBooks is making it difficult to be non-compliant.

Revenue assurance

Licensing revenue is unpredictable due to the substantial allocation of time required to conclude bilateral agreements or prevail in litigation. Given today’s market environment of limited product life cycles, time is a resource which must be properly managed. PatentBooks offers not only a streamlined and economical licensing procedure, but it also delivers a predictable income stream.

Revenue to cover patent maintenance costs

Patents that are unlicensed earn no income, yet they are frequently subject to recurring maintenance fees to retain patent validity. Besides compensating all published patents, PatentBooks will often cover the maintenance cost of weaker patents.

Executive focus

A much larger cost than the external costs of licensing or litigating patents is the opportunity cost of executive bandwidth. PatentBooks frees management from the distractions of bilateral patent licensing and litigation because PatentBooks Inc, as the License Administrator, performs all marketing, sales, negotiation and reporting functions.

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