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Revolutionary Solar Energy Patent Licensing

The Increase of Solar Energy Patents

The push over the past decade to utilize renewable energy sources such as solar is widely known at this point, but the ways to do so are constantly changing and improving. To achieve this, patents regarding solar energy have become extremely popular and without licensing could lead to litigation.

With the Solar Energy PatentBook, patent users (Subscribers) are able to easily license solar energy patents, while patent owners (Publishers) are able to bring in revenue for their patents. Continue reading to learn more about licensing solar energy patents, or get in touch with our team at PatentBooks today to get started!

Benefits of Using the Solar Energy PatentBook

  • Publishers have the ability to publish their solar energy patents at no cost
  • Publishers make revenue off of all published solar energy patents
  • Publishers are able to maintain existing bilateral licenses alongside PatentBooks
  • Provides Subscribers a single place where they can find and license solar energy patents 
  • Subscribers are able to license all solar energy patents at a fair price
  • Subscribers receive licensing for all “essential” and “nonessential” solar energy patents
  • Publishers and Subscribers can avoid expensive and time-consuming lawsuits
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Revolutionary Solar Energy Patent Licensing

Products that utilize solar energy require a handful of different components. While creating new and improved solar energy technology and products, the patents for existing components must be properly licensed. While patent pools were the initial bulk patent licensing solution, it leaves many patent users risking litigation as they don’t include patents that are deemed not “essential.” 

With the Solar Energy PatentBook, Subscribers are able to easily license all the solar energy patents within the PatentBook, including “nonessential” patents, and rest assured that the Publisher will be provided the proper compensation. This also enables the Publishers to be able to simply add their solar energy patents at no cost and gain revenue on them as they are licensed by Subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of the Solar Energy PatentBook  by becoming a Publisher or Subscriber today!

Patent Evaluation

For our Solar Energy PatentBook, our PatentBooks team uses the TAEUSworks™ Evaluation Criteria process to evaluate all the solar energy patents published to it. Once evaluated, each patent will be placed in one of three tiers based on the quality and quantity of patents.

These separate tiers will determine how much the Subscriber will pay to license the solar energy patents, as well as how much revenue will be distributed to the Publisher of the patent.

Publishing or Subscribing to the Solar Energy PatentBook

On the mission to utilize renewable energy and play our part in preserving the planet, PatentBooks is proud to provide Publishers and Subscribers an extremely easy way to publish, find, license, and get paid on the patents that they own or use. Ready to discover the revolutionary patent licensing solution that the Solar Energy PatentBook provides? Become a Publisher or Subscriber today to get started!