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Revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) Patent Licensing

About Internet of Things (IoT) Patents

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has swept both the nation and the technology industry over the last few years, as technology advances are being built into many physical objects. As IoT continues to grow, patents are being filed, sold, acquired, and monetized at an increasing rate. 

To keep these patents properly managed and licensed, patent owners and users need a simple patent licensing solution such as the Internet of Things (IoT) PatentBook. The Internet of Things (IoT) PatentBook provides patent owners (Publishers) and patent users (Subscribers) with a revolutionary way to avoid litigation and lawsuits, making it easy to innovate and gain revenue. Continue reading to learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) PatentBook, or get in touch with our team at PatentBooks today to learn more!

Benefits of Using the Internet of Things (IoT) PatentBook

  • Publishers are able to publish IoT patents at no cost
  • Publishers bring in revenue on all published IoT patents
  • Publishers are able to maintain existing bilateral licenses while publishing in the IoT PatentBook
  • Provides Subscribers one easy-to-access place to find and license all IoT patents
  • Subscribers pay a fair price to license all of the IoT patents published in the PatentBook
  • Subscribers receive licenses for all “essential” and “nonessential” IoT patents
  • Publishers and Subscribers can both avoid expensive and time-consuming lawsuits
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Revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) Patent Licensing

Rather than a patent pool that leaves out patents that are deemed not “essential,” and provides general, nontransparent pay to patent owners, PatentBooks is a revolutionary patent licensing solution. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) PatentBook offers Subscribers a one-stop-shop where they can license all the IoT patents they need in a single click. With PatentBooks managing the payment licensing and revenue distribution, Subscribers can rest assured that they have all the needed licenses and that the Publishers are getting the proper compensation for their IoT patents. In addition, the Publishers can focus their time on more important things than tracking down unlicensed patent users and the litigation process. Discover all the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) PatentBook by becoming a Publisher or Subscriber today!

Patent Evaluation

At PatentBooks, we utilize the TAEUSworks™ Evaluation Criteria process to evaluate IoT patents and place them in one of three tiers based on their quality and quantity. This will determine how much revenue the Publisher will receive.

Publishing or Subscribing to the Internet of Things (IoT) PatentBook

Advancing the use of technology has been a major focus for many inventors and innovators, and at PatentBooks, we understand the importance of Internet of Things (IoT) within this mission to improve how we use technology. Get your IoT products and components to market faster, or get the pay you deserve as an IoT patent owner today with PatentBooks.  Become a Publisher or Subscriber today to get started!