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Revolutionary Infectious Disease Patent Licensing

The Importance of Infectious Disease Patents

Infectious diseases have had a major impact on the world year after year. The study and research to treat and prevent these diseases have played a major part in the health and wellness of many people. Through this research, infectious disease patents have been created that are then used to continue developing treatments and prevention of other infectious diseases. With the Infectious Disease PatentBook, patent owners (Publishers) are able to obtain proper compensation for their patents, and patent users (Subscribers) are able to easily license the patents they are looking to use to further treatment of infectious diseases. Continue reading to learn more about the Infectious Disease PatentBook, and contact our team at PatentBooks today with any questions!

Benefits of the Infectious Diseases PatentBook

Benefits of the Infectious Diseases PatentBook?

  • No cost and low-risk for patents owners to publish infectious disease patents
  • Publishers are able to bring in revenue on all published infectious disease patents
  • Publishers can maintain existing bilateral licenses while publishing with PatentBooks
  • Subscribers are able to find and license all infectious disease patents in one place
  • Subscribers receive fair pricing on the infectious disease patents they are licensing
  • Subscribers can license all “essential” and “nonessential” infectious disease patents
  • Publishers and Subscribers are able to avoid expensive and time-consuming lawsuits
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Quick and Easy Licensing

Quick and Easy Licensing

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Revolutionary Infectious Disease Patent Licensing

With the Infectious Disease PatentBook, Subscribers are able to license all the infectious disease patents they need with ease, as it aggregates patents and allows you to license with a single click. This provides PatentBook Publishers to gain the revenue they deserve from their hard-earned infectious disease patents, while also allowing PatentBook Subscribers the ability to advance the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases that are affecting the world. Do you own or use infectious disease patents? Discover all the benefits of the Infectious Disease PatentBook by becoming a Publisher or Subscriber today!

Patent Evaluation

At PatentBooks, we use the TAEUSworks™ Evaluation Criteria to properly evaluate the infectious disease patents and place them in one of three tiers depending on their quality and quantity. 


This process ensures that Subscribers are getting a fair price for the infectious disease patents they are licensing, as well as Publishers getting paid properly for the infectious disease patents that they own.

Publishing or Subscribing to the Infectious Disease PatentBook

Making improvements in the treatments and prevention of infectious disease is extremely important. PatentBooks is here to help support professionals working in this field with simple and easy patent licensing. With the Infectious Disease PatentBooks, Subscribers can get their infectious disease solutions to market faster, and Publishers will receive the revenue they deserve. Become a Publisher or Subscriber today!