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The Increase of Cloud Computing Patents

With the major increase of cloud system usage over the last decade, the need for proper patent management and licensing has become increasingly apparent. As companies file, sell, and acquire cloud computing patents, they need an efficient way to license and monetize their said patents. This is where the Cloud Computing PatentBook comes in. Continue reading to learn more about PatentBooks and cloud computing patents, and contact our team today with any questions!

Why Use the Cloud Computing PatentBook_

Why Use the Cloud Computing PatentBook?

  • Publishing your patents is low-risk as it doesn’t cost to add
  • Publishers earn Subscriber income on all published patents
  • Publishers can maintain existing bilateral licenses to obtain additional revenue
  • Subscribers can find and license all needed patents in one place
  • Subscribers pay a fair price for all patent licensing
  • Subscribers gain licenses to all patents, even “non-essential” ones
  • Publishers and Subscribers can both avoid expensive lawsuits
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Single Click Licensing

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Patent Monetization

Easy Patent Monetization

Revolutionary Cloud Computing PatentBook Licensing

Bulk patent licensing first started with patent pools. The patent pool licensing solution was a step in the right direction but had two major limitations. Included patents were restricted to “Standards Essential Patents” or SEPs, and revenue was uniformly and equally distributed. These limitations left many patent users still vulnerable to litigation as patent pools excluded all patents that were not considered “essential” to a technical standard. While not “essential,” all these patents must still be licensed and payments made to the patent owner. Further, no two patents are exactly the same. Some patents are vastly better than others and must receive superior compensation. PatentBooks facilitates transparent, differentiated revenue distribution.

With the revolutionary Cloud Computing PatentBook, cloud computing patent users Subscribe to the Cloud Computing PatentBook to license ALL cloud computing patents, both SEPs, and all others. This single-click Cloud Computing PatentBook license is not only quick and easy, but it also provides Subscribers Freedom to Operate and innovate and peace of mind that the patent owners have been properly compensated. Patent owners (Publishers) can focus on inventing rather than tracking down patent users to receive the cloud computing patent revenue they deserve. Publish and/or Subscribe to the Cloud Computing PatentBook today to get started!


Patent Evaluation

Do you own patents used in cloud computing?

Another piece to PatentBooks is proper patent evaluation. Our team uses the TAEUSworks™ Evaluation Criteria to ensure that for Publishers, their cloud computing patent is placed in the proper tier for optimum compensation. 


On the other hand, this evaluation and tiering process ensures that Subscribers are getting a fair price on all cloud computing patents, and that they are providing the patent owners with proper compensation. 

Publishing or Subscribing to the Cloud Computing PatentBook

The Cloud Computing PatenBook allows patent users to get to market faster and offers patent owners fair and transparent payment for their cloud computing patents. Ready to get started with simple and straightforward patent licensing? Become a Publisher or Subscriber today!