Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook (AVPB)™

Simple, Easy, Comprehensive Patent Licensing for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Patent Owners and Users

Your autonomous vehicle innovations accelerate when you can easily license all the patents you need, and earn income from the patents you own. Fact: successful autonomous vehicles use tens of thousands of patented inventions. As a patent user or owner, old-school patent licensing and litigation is too pedantic, archaic, and insanely expensive. Your autonomous vehicle products must use fully licensed patents now, without the years of negotiating patent licenses with every single patent owner, risking insanely expensive patent litigation, and ensuring you receive income you deserve from others using your patents.

Old-school patent licensing is insanely expensive, time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately unprofitable for both patent owners and users. The Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook simplifies and streamlines autonomous vehicle patent licensing for everyone. Beat the competition by getting started today !

Revolutionary Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook (AVPB) Licensing

Patent pools were baby steps in bulk patent licensing but fell woefully short for inclusion and fair compensation for all patents. Patent pools exclude patents that are not “essential” to a technical standard, leaving patent pool licensees exposed to insanely expensive and time-consuming patent litigation from the owners of tens of thousands of non-pool patents. 

PatentBooks™ revolutionizes how patent users (Subscribers) license all the patents needed for their autonomous vehicle product or service. Subscribers simply click to instantly license tens of thousands of patents in the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook! 

And, Subscribers aren’t the only ones that benefit from PatentBooks... 

Patent owners become Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook Publishers for FREE, instantly earning income for each of their published patents, guaranteed! No expensive lawyers, painful litigation, or years of frustration trying to license individual patents. Each AVPB Publisher receives accurate, transparent revenue, and knows who is and who is not Subscribed to the AVPB. 

Best of all - Everyone knows some patents are better and more valuable than others. The AVPB recognizes and rewards both top and high-quality patents. TAEUSworks™ sets uniform transparent rules and metrics that combine cross-checked opinions of engineers, lawyers, and business people to identify and compensate the best patents in the AVPB.  The TAEUSworks patent evaluation methodology has been used by 93 of the top 100 US patent holders for the past 25 years!

Publish your patent today to begin earning income from the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook!  

Aggregate Patents

Aggregate Patents

All the AV patents you need to license in one place.

Quick and Easy Licensing

Quick and Easy Licensing

A single click licenses all AVPB patents and eliminates patent litigation.

Patent Monetization

Patent Monetization

Earn income easily from all of your autonomous vehicle patents.

AVPB Publishers

Do you own patents used in autonomous vehicles?

As a patent owner, you have certainly discovered that getting paid by someone who uses your patent is difficult and expensive, if not impossible. Many users may not even realize you own the patent on that autonomous vehicle product or service! You may have even chased after these patent users — spending endless years and a ton of money simply fighting for compensation.

When you publish your autonomous vehicle patents to the AVPB, you can rest assured that you will earn the revenue that you deserve from easy, legitimate licenses to your patented inventions.

The Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook was created to help openly and transparently license patents specifically in the autonomous vehicle industry. AVPB Subscribers easily find and license all your and other Publisher patents. You earn income from all your patents. Your best patents earn superior income when evaluated with open, transparent TAEUSworks patent evaluations. With TAEUSworks and the AVPB, you will receive rapid, stress-free income based on the quality of your patent. Read and accept the AVPB Publisher Agreement today to get started!

AVPB Subscribers

As an autonomous vehicle product or services creator, we know that you don’t want to spend endless years negotiating licenses for patents your engineers must use to launch a competitive product quickly. What you need is an easy way to license all the autonomous vehicle patents for your product or service, at a reasonable price, so that your product or service can get to market quickly, leaving potential litigation in the rear-view mirror. 

At PatentBooks, we have your solution. In the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook, patent owners publish their autonomous vehicle patents, providing you the opportunity for an easy, one-click subscription to license all the patents your engineers need, for an economical fee. 

You no longer have to worry about negotiating hundreds or thousands of different license agreements to avoid patent litigation. Simply “plug-in” to the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook and accelerate your time-to-market, and discover the optimum route to profit. Become a Subscriber today to receive all the benefits that PatentBooks provides!

Benefits of Using the AVPB

Our mission at PatentBooks is to breed innovation in the autonomous vehicle industry as we bring patent Publishers and Subscribers together with features and benefits specific to each side. Learn more about these benefits below!

Publisher Benefits

  • All published patents earn Subscriber income
  • TAEUSworks identifies the best patents for optimum compensation
  • 10% off TAEUSworks for a limited time
  • Competitive Subscriber flexibility

Subscriber Benefits

  • License all AVPB published patents
  • Amnesty from past damages available
  • Fixed price per AVPB patent volume
  • Payment terms available
  • "AVPB Licensed" marking available

Get Started with PatentBooks Today!

Whether you are a patent owner or patent user in the autonomous vehicle industry, the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook is here to simplify your patent licensing by offering a one-stop shop for patent users to become Subscribers, while paying patent owners quality-based royalties on each and every one of their published patents.

Become Publisher

Become a Publisher

To get started as a Publisher, simply identify the patents you want to publish, and click to agree to the AVPB Publisher Agreement. That’s it - simple and easy! If you think your patent is exceptional, evaluate your patent with TAEUSworks, the patent evaluation gold standard to ensure optimum compensation for your autonomous vehicle patent.

Become A Subscriber

If you want to license all the patents in the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook, simply get in touch with one of our professionals at the AVPB today to Subscribe!

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