PatentBooks Presents at Brussels Horizon 2020

Art Nutter, CEO of PatentBooks Inc. and  TAEUS Corporation,  in the last two months has been fulfilling speaking engagements worldwide to industrial and public policy-making bodies, evangelizing about how PatentBooks™ and TAEUSworks™ are peacefully revolutionizing the patent licensing world.
PatentBooks™ and  TAEUSworks™  were enthusiastically received by many members and IP policy decision-makers, and IP practitioners at the European Commission at their event, Horizon 2020 on Monday Oct 23.  The conference specifically set out to address ways to address the difficulties faced by innovative SMEs to signal the quality of their intellectual property.  This included a series of presentations regarding the challenge of valuing intangible assets, in particular technology. Specifically, what might usefully be done to further develop rating and valuation technologies to better convince financiers.
In a panel discussion, “IP Valuation and Rating Methodologies,”  the advantages of PatentBooks™ were explained as the easiest way for all patent owners to generate income from their patents, without litigation, and for others, especially financiers, to see that predictable cash flow.
TAEUSworks™ standards, which have been developed over the past 30 years, provide an excellent methodology to evaluate patents IP for SME’s.  Combined with the freemium model of PatentBooks™, innovators have the freedom to create AND get rewarded for that creativity.